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Pen Refills:


Product Features:

A limited set with a replacement core for the new color "Vermilion" to commemorate the release of Sarasanano.

  • Limited design axis with a sense of quality.

    The simple body unified in white is decorated with orange, which symbolizes Sarasa, as a point color.
  • Absorbs the rattling feeling when writing and allows ink to be discharged stably.

    You can write clearly and beautifully with the new function "Urufuwa Cushion" that absorbs the feeling of rattling when writing and discharges ink stably.
  • A design that combines practicality and sharpness.

    The knock clip part uses transparent parts that express the freshness of gel ink, and the clip part is designed with a foil stamped logo that stands out and gives a sense of depth.
  • Easy to write with a low center of gravity.

    The use of a metal nib stabilizes writing with a low center of gravity, making it easy to write in small spaces.
  • Smooth writing taste.

    As it is a gel ink, it has a smooth and smooth writing taste.


Product Specifications:

  • Set contents: Sarasanano 0.3 (limited design, ink color: black), JF-0.3 core (ink color: vermilion)
  • Core diameter: 0.3mm
  • Dimensions: W40 × D20 × H180mm
  • Mass: 34g

Zebra Sarasanano 0.3mm Gel Pen - Premier White

SKU: Sarasanano3mmPremierWhite

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