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1. No Bogus Buyers and Joy Reservers!

I understand that Bogus buyers and Joy Reservers are automatically blocked from the store and Scribbles and More PH will not entertain any orders from me anymore.


2. Cancellations and / or Refunds:

I understand that once I have checked out, refunds and/or cancellation are not permitted.


3. Payments and Payment Deadline:

I understand that Scribbles and More PH requires my full payment and I must be responsible enough to take note of my payment deadline. Scribbles and More PH will send me a payment reminder up to three (03) times via my registered email and failure to settle my balances on time will lead to automatic order cancellation and I have the chance to be marked as a bogus buyer or Joy reserver (See point number 1).


4. Ordering on Cut off day:

I understand that if I ordered on the cut off day, I must settle my balance strictly within 3-days after the batch cut-off. Failure to settle my balances on the said given time will automatically result to moving my orders to the next batch or automatic cancellation if no response was heard from me within 3-days upon receiving an email from Scribbles and More PH.


5. Courier Delivery Time

I understand that Courier's delivery time is beyond Scribbles and More PH’s control. The Scribbles and More PH makes sure to send my items via trusted couriers. (For complaints, the Scribbles and More PH Team is happy to assist you but we highly encourage you to double check with people who possibly received them on your behalf)


6. Lost or Damaged Parcel

I understand that Scribbles and More PH will not be held liable for any lost or damaged parcel. The Scribbles and More PH Team will send me the parcel picture before sending them out to the courier via my registered email. However, parcel insurance is readily available and upon the discretion of the client.


I understand that if I didn’t avail the additional Php 20.00 for courier insurance, I cannot ask Scribbles and More PH or the Partner Courier to replace the Lost or Damaged item.


7. Incorrect Shipping Option Selected

I understand that if incorrect shipping option is selected, Scribbles and More PH has the right to cancel the transaction and refund your payment and may be asked to reorder again.


8. Heavy and Bulky Items

I understand that if I have a bulk order (15 items and above), Scribbles and More PH Team may refuse to accept my orders if placed near the cut off date. Scribbles and More PH highly encourage those with high quantity orders to place and settle them at an earlier date. This will help prevent delays in parcel arrival.


​I also understand that if I have ordered heavy items, Scribbles and More PH only limits the purchase of heavy items per person per batch (Max of 3 per person: Notebooks, Muji Mountain Index, and ETC.).


9. Item Availability

I understand that items (especially Limited Edition items) might not be available anymore upon I check out or purchase, Scribbles and More PH team might contact me through your registered email for more information on how to go about the process.


10. Parcel delay due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

I understand that due to the Covid-19 Pandemic that items ship out from Japan may be delayed and it may take up to 2 months after batch Cut off to arrive the Philippines. It will still undergo Customs Processing and the Scribbles and More PH Team has to sort, pack, and Ship them to my address.


11. I have fully read, understand, and accept all the terms and condition above.

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