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Product Features:

  • Convenient knock type allows you to write quickly

    Since it is a knock-type pen that can be used immediately, it is easy to change the pen. This eliminates the top complaints with conventional cap-type highlighters, such as getting your hands dirty with ink when you open and close the cap, and forgetting to close the cap and the ink dries and becomes unusable.
  • Even the smallest letters are easy to read and stand out clearly.

    Equipped with a "half line chip" that makes it easy to read and clearly highlight everything from regular text in textbooks to fine text in glossaries.
  • The pen tip does not dry out even without a cap

    We have developed and adopted a new ink that absorbs moisture in the air. The pen repeatedly absorbs and evaporates water as the humidity changes, keeping it in a suitable state, so you can continue writing without the pen tip drying out.


Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: Maximum shaft diameter 13.6mm x 147.7mm
  • Weight: 8.6g

Zebra Click Bright Highlighters - Bright Colors