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Product Features:

  • The nib does not dry out even without the cap

    The new ink "Moist Keep Ink" that absorbs moisture in the air is used, so the pen tip does not dry out easily even without the cap.
  • keep hands clean

    Since it is a knock type that does not require opening and closing the cap, your hands will not get dirty.
  • Beautiful without bleeding even when layered

    The ink does not bleed even when you apply different colors, so it can be applied neatly without mixing with other colors, and the nib is hard to get dirty.


Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: W125×D15×H150mm
  • Weight: 116.2g

Zebra Click Art Water Based Marker Set of 12 - 2022 New Colors!

SKU: ZebraClickSet12PaleSet

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