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Product Features:

  • Loose and cute adult link coordination with light colored stone pattern

    We have prepared a lineup that can be linked with standard stationery. It is a "sheer stone" design with a simple and pale stone pattern.
  • Rotation type "MONO Eraser"

    Rotating extension type that is easy to adjust to the desired length. It is a MONO quality eraser that can be used firmly.
  • "Flenok" Mechanism

    Simply point the pen tip downward and shake the shaft up and down to remove the lead. There is no need to change the grip every time you center, and it does not interfere with the flow of writing.
  • “Frelock” mechanism

    When the clip is pushed up, "Flenok" is fixed and prevents accidental knocking in the pencil case.
  • Drafting nib

    The pen tip is a drafting specification fixed pipe type that has a wide field of view at hand and enables stable and precise writing.

Product Specifications:

  • Body dimensions: W50×H192×D13 (mm)
  • Body weight: 26g
  • Core diameter: 0.5 (mm)

Tombow Monograph 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil - Disney Stamp Edition