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  • Multifunctional writing instrument “Hitech C Coleto <Mineral Color>”

    This is a multi-functional writing instrument with a ``custom-made'' feel that allows the user to freely choose a combination of ballpoint pen refills of their favorite color and ball diameter, sharpening unit, etc., and load it into the main body. This time, the frequently used red and blue and three refill colors similar to each body color are preset, so you can use it in combination with the Doctor Grip mechanical pencil, making it the perfect combination for taking notes in class and studying. . This is a limited edition design with five ``mineral colors'' finished in a mature matte clear body.



  • Method: Slide lever type
  • Ink: Water-based gel ink
  • Ball diameter: 0.4mm (ultra fine)
  • Size: Total length 150mm Maximum diameter 12.7mm
  • Body color (ink color):
    • Apricot pink (red, blue, orange)
    • Shell beige (red, blue, baby pink)
    • Sheer purple (red, blue, violet)
    • Sorbet Blue (red, blue, clear blue)
    • Pistachio green (red, blue, apple green)

Pilot Hi-Tec C 0.4mm Multicolored Pen - Mineral Colors Ed.