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Product Features:

  • It stands out clearly with a matte texture! Playable high-color MATTEHOP

    This ballpoint pen uses matte textured ink to make illustrations and text stand out clearly.
  • You can easily enjoy decorations that have more impact than you can imagine with handwriting that has a strong presence.

    You can write clearly on photos and masking tape, as well as vividly colored paper.


Product Specifications:

  • Ball diameter: 1.0mm
  • Ink composition: Water-based pigment
  • Mechanism: Cap type (Cap safety: ISO standard compliant)
  • Material/Shaft: AS, Cap: PET, Tail plug : PE, metal tip: brass, case: paper
  • Body dimensions: W14 x H151 x D9.8 (mm)
  • Body weight: 9g

Pentel Mattehop 1.0mm Ballpoint Pen