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Ink Refills: Zebra Sarasa R 0.4mm / 0.5mm Refill (ZEBRA P-RJRV4 / ZEBRA P-RJRV5)


Product Features:

  • Recommended for writing notes.

    Compared to conventional products, the ink density has been increased by up to 127% to achieve darker writing lines, making it possible to finish notes "cleanly" and "easily visible".
  • Smooth writing taste.

    As it is a gel ink, it has a smooth and smooth writing taste.
  • Simple and refreshing white shaft design.

    The simple design based on the trend "white" gives a refreshing impression, and the "colorfulness" that is characteristic of Sarasa is expressed in clips and knocks.
  • A binder clip that fits in a thick object.

    By adopting a movable binder clip, it can be inserted into a thick board, etc. to reduce clip breakage.


Product Specifications:

  • Body dimensions: W11 × H141 × D11mm
  • Body weight: 10.9g
  • Core diameter: 0.4mm

Zebra Sarasa R 0.4mm Gel Pens - Simple Pop Series