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Pen Refills:


Product Features:

  • Vintage color ink with a chic, subdued hue

    It's a color that looks clear when writing, but has a gentler feel than black, allowing you to express a little individuality.
  • Luxurious metal design

    The gold clip and matte finish give a luxurious yet warm impression, and blend in with your belongings such as notebooks and accessories. The easy-to-use binder clip, an icon of Sarasa Clip, is made of metal. The
    design is both Sarasa Clip-like and luxurious.
  • Vivid colors and smooth writing feel

    This gel ink has a smooth, silky writing feel, is water-resistant and light-resistant, and produces deep, vibrant colors that do not smudge.


Product Sepcifications:

  • Body size: Maximum shaft diameter 10.3 x 142.6 mm
  • Body weight: 19.3 g
  • Lead diameter: 0.3 mm

Zebra Sarasa Grand 0.3mm Gel Pens - 2024 New Edition Vintage colors