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Pen Refills: Uni UMR 38S


Product Features:

  • Lovely round shape and a size that fits in your hand

    It's cute and cute, but it's a chubby and adorable form with a catchphrase. With its short, thick and rounded shape, it looks like a deformed ordinary writing instrument.
  • The concept of "high quality that fits in your hand"

    Although it is shorter than a regular ballpoint pen and has a cute form, it has been adjusted to the optimal length, thickness, and weight so that you can quickly pick it up and start writing, making it easy to hold while writing. . Like the uni-ball one series, the newly-shaped clip is long and wide so that it doesn't hit your hand when writing, and it is movable and easy to clip to your notebook or notebook.
  • An axis color that gives healing to everyday life with the image of a slightly sweet candy

    We adopted a color that imaged a slightly sweet candy as the axis color.
  • Quick-drying ink that doesn't bleed

    Ordinary quick-drying ink dries quickly by accelerating its penetration into the paper, which can cause ink to bleed or bleed through. By leaving the solid content of the colorant on the surface of the paper, it does not bleed or show through.


Product Specifications:

  • Size: W13.9×D19.2×H116.8mm
  • Weight: 13.7g
  • Core diameter: 0.38mm
  • Ink color: Black

Uniball One P 0.38mm Gel Pens (Black Ink)


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