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Pen Refills For:

  • Uni Jetstream Lite Touch Mulitfunction Pens


Product Features:

  • Light even to the heart.

    The newly developed "JETSTREAM Lite touch ink" multi-color, multi-function refill provides a smoother writing experience.
  • Equipped with the newly developed "JETSTREAM Lite touch ink"

    From the world's first revolutionary ink series that realizes "an addictive, smooth writing experience," we have newly developed "JETSTREAM Lite touch ink" with a lighter writing experience. It has
    even less writing resistance than conventional inks, providing a lighter writing experience. In addition, we have further improved the ink blotting and paper slippage to provide a more stress-free and stable writing experience. This is a new option for JETSTREAM that was born as the scenes for "writing and drawing" become more diverse due to the times and environment.


Product Specifications:

  • Package size: 1 x 3 x 15 cm
  • Ball diameter: 0.5 mm

Uni Jetstream Lite Touch Multifunction Pen Ink Refill (SXR-L80-05)


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