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Pen Refill:


Product Features: 

  • With ultra-low friction "Jet Stream Ink", you can write unprecedented fine characters with an ultra-fine ball diameter of 0.28 mm.

    The world's first oil-based ballpoint pen category, the world's smallest, ultra-fine ball diameter of 0.28 mm. Compared to our gel ink ballpoint pen with the same ball diameter, the line width is narrower. Since it uses "Jet Stream Ink", which is a low-viscosity oil-based ink, it dries quickly and allows you to write dark and clear lines smoothly.
  • Newly developed "point tip" with easy-to-read writing surface

    The newly developed "Point Tip" has a slim shape that is squeezed toward the pen tip so that the pen tip can be seen clearly even when performing fine writing work.
  • Body axis that has both functionality and design

    The body axis is a design that stylishly expresses the thin and sharp image of the drawn line with a ball diameter of 0.28 mm, and is particular about functional aspects such as stability when writing. As a specialized tool for writing fine print, we are particular about the material, design, and usability of each part.
  • Adopted a new rotation mechanism "Spirotech mechanism".

    The color you want to use comes out from a certain place.
  • Uses a "point nose shape" that straightens the core.

    The straight core makes the point tip look beautiful.


Product Specifications:

  • Size: Shaft diameter 12 x Thickness 15 x Total length 146 mm
  • Weight: 18 g
  • Ball diameter: 0.28 mm

Uni Jetstream Edge 3 0.28mm Multicolored Pens - Exciting Colors Ed.


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