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Product Features:

  • Loose and cute adult link coordination with light colored stone pattern

    We have prepared a lineup that can be linked with standard stationery. It is a "sheer stone" design with a simple and pale stone pattern.
  • Equipped with "Air Touch System"

    Equipped with a unique mechanism "Air Touch System" that controls the tape running, reducing the resistance to cut the correction tape. It has a surprisingly light erasing feel from the beginning to the end of use.
  • Quiet design

    Reduced ticking noise when pulling the tape. You can use it without worrying about it even in a quiet place.
  • High adhesion tape

    The correction tape is a high-quality tape that fits firmly on the paper even with a light force, and is hard to scrape off even when overwritten.
  • pen type body

    It has a slim shape that can be used like a writing instrument and is easy to carry and store.


Product Specifications:

Tape Dimensions: 5mm x 6m

Tape Refill: TOMBOWCT-PAR5

Tombow Mono Air Touch 5 Correction Tape - Campus Limited Series


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