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Ink Refill: Pilot BRFN 10EF/BRFN 10F


Product Features:

  • Optimal weight balance

    Optimal weight balance is achieved by concentrating the weight near the center of gravity. You can easily perform a slight reciprocating rotational movement when writing.
  • Reduces the burden on the neck, shoulders and arms

    Based on ergonomics, a shaft diameter that can be gripped comfortably is adopted. It reduces the strain on the muscles on the shoulders and arms when writing.
  • Double structure soft grip

    A double structure with a higher density on the outside than on the inside enables a stable grip.


Product Specifications:

  • Pen tip: 0.5mm (Extra Fine)
  • Method: Knock type
  • Ink color: black
  • Type: Oil-based ballpoint pen
  • Grip: Silicone rubber


Pilot Dr Grip Full Black 0.5mm Ballpoint Pen


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