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Product Features:

  • 3 color smooth ballpoint pen

    • Low viscosity "Acro Ink " that allows you to write deeply and smoothly from writing. Compared to conventional ink, the viscosity of the ink has been reduced to about 1/5.

    • In addition, by blending a lubricant, the rotation of the ball becomes smoother, achieving a smooth writing taste and a dark handwriting without blurring during writing.

  • "Tire pattern grip" that can be gripped firmly

    • The grip part is made of soft and non-slip rubber with a body and pattern.

    • It has a curve that fits your fingers, and achieves the optimum grip when writing.

  • Newly developed correction tape

    • Tape cuts well

    • The tape cuts cleanly at the end of playing and adheres firmly to the paper surface.

    • The color of the tape is easy to fit on the paper. The marks are compatible with the paper so that the tape marks look natural.

  • It is safe to write with a ballpoint pen over a correction tape that can be written clearly and is resistant to rubbing when rewriting , as it does not easily damage the original ink color and does not bleed even when rubbed.


Product Specifications:

  • Multi-function writing tool (3-color ballpoint pen with correction tape)
  • Method: Rotary
  • Size: Maximum diameter Φ14mm, total length 148.9mm
  • Ink color: B (black) / R (red) / L (blue), acro ink
  • Pen tip : Fine print 0.7mm ball
  • Correction tape length: 5mm × 2.5m


Pilot Acroball Whiteline 0.7mm 3-Color Multicolored Pens


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