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Product Features:

  • Can write smoothly

    The acro ink used for acro balls has a viscosity that is 1/5 that of general oil-based ballpoint pens, making it a smooth ink that is close to water-based, and the balls rotate smoothly.
  • Can write deeply

    Acro ink has a low viscosity, so the ink supply to the pen tip is ample.
    Since the ink penetrates deep into the paper fibers, the handwriting becomes even and dark.


Product Specifications:

  • Type: Oil-based ballpoint pen
  • Pen Tip: Extra Fine 0.5mm ball
  • Method: Knock type
  • Size: Maximum diameter 9.8mm, Overall length: 143mm
  • Ink: Black Acro Ink


Pilot Acro 1000 0.5mm Oil Based Pen (Metal Body)


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