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Refill: Pentel XBXM5H


Product Features:

  • Quiet knock feeling that reduces unpleasant sound

    In the Calum series, single-color ballpoint pens and multi-color/multi-function ballpoint pens have different mechanisms that are optimal for each, reducing the operation noise when knocking to replace the tip of the ballpoint pen by 66% compared to conventional products.
    (Comparison with Pentel company, comparison with sound pressure Pascal) In addition, the impact felt on the hand when the knock is activated is reduced, making it easier to write and reducing the burden on thinking.
  • smooth oil ink

    By improving the blurring that is often seen in conventional oil-based ballpoint pens, we have achieved smooth, stain-resistant, and clean-looking handwriting.
  • A leather-like grip that is also used for cameras

    A leather-like long grip that feels good in the hand, making use of leather texture processing technology, which is often used for camera grips. Achieves a stable writing feel in any situation, such as on a binder or copied documents.
  • Simple yet unique design

    With a moist matte design that makes you feel the Japanese texture, it is a ballpoint pen with a quiet appearance that fits in with your life.
    Kazunari Miyake, representative of miyake design, who has worked on the design of MUJI and has served as a judge for the Good Design Award and a judge for the iF Design Award, was in charge of the design.


Product Specifications:

  • Body dimensions: W11×D16×H140mm
  • Body weight: 10g
  • Core diameter: 0.7mm
  • Ink color: black

Pentel Calme 0.7mm Oil Based Pen (Black Ink)